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Bitter Justice

Bitter Justice

(Volume 2 of the Samurai Revival Trilogy)



... set a few years into the future.


BITTER JUSTICE begins with the head of the ruthless Calver Cats gang relaxing in northern Cambodia as he reviews the rapidly expanding black-market drugs and weapons empire.  Soon satisfaction turns to anger as he berates his men for failing to kill his troublesome sister, and the Peacekeeper responsible for the massacre of many of his gang in London.
Meanwhile, Tessa has been in Japan honing her fighting skills.  With foreboding, she contemplates her imminent return to the real world where the UK Special Forces have failed to halt the Calver Cats.

In Tokyo, she soon finds herself confronting the local contingent of the Calver Cats together with a Japanese Peacekeeper.  Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Peacekeepers prevail and with the yakuza boss at her mercy, Tessa tries to extract information about the Calver Cats.  He refuses contemptuously and mystifies her by insisting she has no idea of the deception being practised on her. His words haunt her for a long time…

Back in London, Tessa picks up her loving relationship with her Scottish aristocrat boyfriend.  However, she is soon persuaded to go to Burma to assassinate a senior member of the Calver Cats. She travels to Rangoon and Kalaw where she manages to lure her quarry into a quiet restaurant where she succeeds in her mission.  But she is challenged while trying to get away and is injured in the violent struggle which follows.  However, she escapes and is whisked to safety in Kengtung by the local UK Special Forces head.  In a brief visit to his hillside hideout, she meets his young daughter, Nyunt.

Safely back home again, she discovers that the head of the Calver Cats is coming to the UK.  Despite being suspicious of the tip-off, Tessa attends the interception only to find it is in fact a trap for her.  In a tunnel under Tower Bridge she is incapacitated and left to drown.  She staggers out, but, as the gang escape, they blow up Tower Bridge.

The media fall-out from the near destruction of the London landmark is intense.  Tessa goes to her cottage in Orkney for some peace and quiet.  Her boyfriend joins her there and describes how he is in the final stages of a plan to locate the head of the Calver Cats.  This he does, but the gang unexpectedly corners them both at the cottage and Tessa’s boyfriend is killed as he helps her escape.

Despite being brokenhearted with the untimely death of her boyfriend, Tessa follows the hard won lead and tracks the head of the Calver Cats to his hideout in the Cambodian jungle.  He orders his gang to kill her, but she has prepared for this and springs a trap for him.  In the brutal conflict that follows, she mercilessly slaughters many of the Calver Cats, but the head of the gang manages to escape with Tessa in hot pursuit.  She finally corners him in Germany and as the Special Forces battle with the gang memebers, she confronts the head.  She wounds him, determined to bring him in to face justice, but he dies and Tessa assumes that is the end of it.

But in London she receives a fax from Nyunt begging her for help as her father has been injured.  Tessa returns to Burma and walks straight into an ambush from which only she and Nyunt are able to escape.

While Tessa starts formerly adopting Nyunt, they settle down uneasily into a new life.  But then Nyunt is abducted and Tessa followers the kidnappers to Japan where a ferocious battle ensues; but goaded on by her desire to free Nyunt, Tessa is victorious.

Regarding themselves as mother and daughter at last, Tessa and Nyunt enthusiastically return home to London ...

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The story concludes in Bitter Legacy...


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